Mud Gold No. 3 Burundi

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From the tip of the Kibira National Park (Burundi’s only indigenous rainforest) in Northern Burundi, we proudly present our Third Mud Gold selection!

When the folks at Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) set up their mill runs, “there were always small amounts of cherries on different hills that weren’t large enough to be milled on their own.”

Small batches of wild, healthy bourbon coffee trees were often growing amongst patches of onion, tea, wheat, cabbage, maize, cassava and peas.. Not any more!
These unique (LMCP) micro lots are now harvested, sorted and blended with other micros, based on water activity and flavor profile.
This combo, known as Long Miles' “Kinyouvo lots” (after the area in which the mill is located) are super small and frequently end up being their favorite lots of the year!

The Kinyouvo Cup accent's Apricot, Guava and Brown Sugar.
Light to Medium Roast
Clean Sweet Body

Enjoy Hot or Iced, Whole Bean only.

Love & Mud 2022