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Mud Gold No. 1 (Limited Edition)

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12oz/340g  Whole Bean 
Country: Mexico      
Farm Name/Region: Finca Santa Cruz, Chiapas
Farmer Name/Family: Pepe Arguello        
Certification: Organic
Elevation: 1700m      
Process: Natural
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Yellow Caturra, Geisha

Cupping Notes: Ripe, dark fruit, earthiness, molasses, maple syrup, with hints of citrus.
Saturated honey adds a smooth, velvety body, layering throughout the cup.

Winner of COE (Cup Of Excellence) Mexico 2019 & 2021,
Finca Santa Cruz is home to our first Gold Selection!

60 hectares of organic coffees, grown amidst the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve,
located in the southernmost region of Chiapas, Mexico. Second-generation coffeeman,
Pepe Arguello, has merged modern methods of soil management with a
biodiverse natural setting to create some of the best coffee Mexico has to offer.

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