Mud Gold No.4 Rwanda Kinini

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It’s a big Coffee world out there, with many flavors, profiles and stories. But, very few have the story and the flavor in equally delicious parts as..Kinini. So we welcome you to another MUD diamond in the rough:)

The fairytale story of Kinini Coffee became a reality due to the amazing work of our friend, Jacquie Turner and her partner Malcolm Clear who, after spending 10 years establishing schools and rebuilding communities in Rwanda, wanted to find a way to provide generational sustainability for post genocide families.

Long story short, Malcolm and Jacquie got “coffee educated” and ended up purchasing some lots of “coffee perfect” farmland in 2014 (where coffee was never grown) just north of Kigali, stunning for its views, it’s rich volcanic soil and its elevation (1800-2500 MASL). 

They provided area farmers their first “bourbon” varietal seedlings, began educating them in coffee production and built a washing station in preparation for their first harvest in 2017. 

What seeds they were..their coffees scored an amazing 87 points right off the bat! 

Kinini Coffee is still traceable to that 1 “Kinini” Village, which now has 48 Members, 85% of whom are Women. 

Kinini Coffee has grown exponentially with respect to its coffee lots, presently working in partnership with 633 farmers, who are guaranteed yearly bonuses depending on production as well as above market pricing for their crops year in year out. What seeds they still are!

10% of Kinini Coffee profits go directly to development project investments (in education, health, etc.) throughout Rwanda.

This fully washed cup accents: Apricot, Black Cherry, Chocolate Fudge and Almond.

We wish the people Rwanda and the coffee of Kinini an eternity of Good Will and Prosperity!

Whole Bean only.