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MUD aka Mudspot Restaurant

Brunch all Day, Beer & Wine, Indoor and Outdoor Dining

307 East 9th Street. (off of 2nd Ave),

East Village, NYC.

MUD aka Mudspot Restaurant with Garden on legendary 307 East 9th Street is the stationary Sister of The Mudtruck, the first original Specialty Street Vendor in NYC. 

Brunch all Day, selected Wines & specialty Craft Beers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner world-kitchen-style with the finest Ingredients from NYC’s Market Place crafted freshly per Order. 

Party all Day, High on Caffeine: Love was made, Books were written, Demonstrations planned. Come on over!

Open every Day! Indoor, Outdoor and Patio Dining.

Mon-Fri 7:30am til 10pm.

Sat & Sun 8am til 10pm.

Closed only on Dec. 25, 2021






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