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Mudspot Restaurant

Brunch all Day, Beer & Wine Garden, Bike Parking

307 East 9th Street. (off of 2nd Ave),

East Village, NYC.

Mudspot Café & Restaurant with Garden on legendary 307 East 9th Street is the stationary Sister of The Mudtruck, the first original Specialty Streetvendor in NYC. 

Brunch all Day, selected Wines & specialty Craft Beers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner world-kitchen-style with the finest Ingredients from NYC’s Market Place crafted freshly per Order. 

Party all Day, High on Caffeine: Love was made, Books were written, Demonstrations planned. Come on over!

Mon-Fri 7:30am til Midnite.

Sat & Sun 8:00am til Midnite.

All Day every Day!







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